Chief’s Corner

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Welcome to the Chief’s Corner.

My name is Greg Kline, and my Indian name is Chief Blistered Foot.  My daughter, Allison (“Leaping Dolphin”), and I have been in the program since she was barely 5 years old.  Just 6 short years ago I saw a brochure for this program at the South Ymca, and knew that Alli and I were going to join as soon as she was old enough. We were both excited on her 5th birthday.  This year I am the Nation Chief, and very excited to begin what will be a great year for the Adventure Princess Program.

I fondly recall our first campout where Allison caught her first fish and won a trophy at the fishin895g derby.  She slept with that trophy for the next few days.  Needless to say, that fish wasn’t the only thing “hooked” that weekend – we both decided, this program was important to us.  Every campout thereafter has surpassed the previous.  On our campout weekends we arrive home late each Sunday afternoon, dirty, filthy, gross, and tired, but very happy and full of stories and memories. There is much more to the Adventure Princess Program than just the campouts.  We have found that our tribe meetings and the smaller events like the Pinewood Derby are equally as memorable, as they are something that you cannot do anywhere else, as a father daughter pair..

Needless to say, I love the Adventure Princess Program.  I love the values that this program upholds.  Moreover, I love that my daughter also recognizes the importance of our relationship.  Every activity in this program, no matter how big or small, is “money saved” in the “relationship bank” that will be needed for when we forge through those tumultuous teen-age years.

Whether you are a new dad just getting started, or a veteran dad returning with your daughters, I hope you enjoy this program.  More importantly, Dads, I hope you enjoy your relationship with your daughters in this program.

Please feel free to contact me  ( if you ever have any questions.

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Greg “Chief Blistered Foot” Kline

Kipoo Nation Chief