The Constitution was signed by all officers at the 2005 Spring Campout.  It defines the tenets of the organization, establishes rules of order, and leads officers, chiefs and base camp representatives in their duties.

Amended: July 5, 2006 and July 26, 2010

<KIPOO Constitution Amended 072610>

 South YMCA Adventure Princesses Program

KIPOO Expedition


Article I – Object

To establish within the South branch of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of greater Dayton the Kettering Adventure Princesses Program, KIPOO Expedition.

Article II – Purpose

This organization’s purpose shall be:

A)    To promote a better relationship between father and daughter using the Adventure Princesses Program.

B)     To promote the Adventure Princesses Program in the Kettering and surrounding community through the formation of individual Circles and provide for their centralized guidance.

C)    To promote the aims and purposes of the Adventure Princesses Program.

Article III – Membership

Membership in the South YMCA Adventure Princesses Program is voluntary, but requires that:

A)    Associated annual affiliation fee requirements of the South YMCA must be satisfied.

B)     Be recommended that the daughters have entered the kindergarten grade of school and not have advanced beyond the fifth grade or their respective equivalent ages.

C)    The fathers and daughters become members of an Adventure Princesses Circle.

Article IV – Circles

The individual Circles will be the key units of the Expedition. As such, each will:

A)    Be recommended to be comprised of no more than 30 fathers and daughters combined.

B)     Establish an agenda and conduct Circle meetings according to the YMCA Adventure Princesses Program guidelines.

C)    Be expected to share in the responsibilities of hosting Expedition events.

D)    Participate collectively as Circles in Expedition events and encourage individual participation of its members.

E)     Assist the Base Camp in financing the Expedition programs through either approved fundraising activities or direct contribution.

F)     Be encouraged to design and build banners and crafts representing their respective Circles to be displayed at Expedition activities.

Article V – Adventure Princesses Base Camp

A)    The Adventure Princesses Base Camp shall be the governing body of the Kipoo Expedition. As such all members will:

  1. Set standards and policy for the Expedition Circles.
  2. Serve as the coordinating unit among the Circles and with the South YMCA.
  3. Plan an activity program for the Circles to participate in collectively as an Expedition.
  4. Establish a means for financing Expedition programs and activities.
  5. Establish an appropriate award program to provide for both Circle and Expedition award presentations. This award program shall be designed to promote active participation by the Circle Princesses, encourage both personal and Circle achievements, and instill a visual awareness of the growth and participation of the Adventure Princesses Program. One program shall include the Moon Award, which is presented to each Circle with at least one representative to each Base Camp meeting from September to May of each Expedition year.
  6. Be responsible for carrying out the articles of the constitution.

B)     Membership in the Base Camp shall be comprised of one representative from each Circle hereafter known as the Base Camp Representative, all Expedition officers, and a designated representative from the YMCA.

Article VI – Base Camp Meetings

A)    The Adventure Princesses Base Camp meetings shall be held on a specific day of the month such as the 1st Tuesday or 4th Monday. The Chief Navigator shall select the day at the start of his term in office and shall submit it to the council for approval.

B)     Extra meetings may be called by a majority of the members for specific purposes.

C)    A quorum of one-half of the Base Camp members, including officers, must be present to conduct business.

Article VII – Amendments

A)    Two-thirds vote of the Base Camp representatives and Expedition officers present is required to make an amendment to this constitution.

B)     All Base Camp members shall be notified of proposed amendments two weeks before the meeting at which the proposed amendment shall be voted upon.

Article VIII – Expedition Officers and Base Camp Representatives

Duties of the Expedition Officers and Base Camp Representatives are:

A)    The Chief Navigator shall:

  1. Preside at all Base Camp meetings and Expedition events.
  2. Be responsible for carrying out the articles of the Constitution.
  3. See that all Expedition events are scheduled and assigned to a Circle or Circles.
  4. Appoint committees as necessary.
  5. Appoint the Expedition officers as appropriate.

B)     The Assistant Chief Navigator shall:

  1. Assist the Chief Navigator in performing his duties and act as Chief Navigator in his absence.
  2. Be responsible for the Induction Ceremonies.
  3. Serve on the Finance Committee.
  4. Work with the Chief Navigator to set up a schedule of Expedition events. He will also be responsible for coordinating dates with the YMCA or any other establishment where an Expedition event is to be held. He will be responsible for the coordination of the host Circle, event flyers, and deal with any problems or suggestions concerning any Expedition event. He will maintain and see that all event records are stored and kept current, and provide to the host Circle chairman for their use in planning the event.
  5. Be responsible for coordinating the fall school open houses. As such, he will recruit volunteers to represent the South YMCA Adventure Princesses at the various open houses under the jurisdiction of the surrounding area school districts. He will maintain a folder describing the procedures necessary to contact the Boards of Education and the various schools, and will be able to call upon the Expedition Scout for assistance. He will also work with the South YMCA Adventure Guides to insure that both groups are represented.
  6. Serve as chairman of the Corporate Sponsor Committee.

C)    The Outfitter shall:

  1. Administer the established Expedition award program and provide guidance to the Circles in applying both the Expedition and the Circle award programs.
  2. Assist the Assistant Chief Navigator with the Induction ceremonies.
  3. Be responsible for the Expedition property box. He shall see that an ample supply of patches, etc., is maintained for distribution at campouts and other Expedition events. He will maintain a recommended list of suppliers for patches and will be the point of contact for any Expedition member who needs advice on how to order patches.

D)    The Spiritual Leader shall:

  1. Act as Public relations officer between the Adventure Princesses and the community.
  2. Provide spiritual guidance to the Expedition Base Camp and each of the Circles as required.
  3. Give the opening and closing prayers at all Expedition activities as required.

E)     The Scribe shall:

  1. Record minutes of all business of the Base Camp.
  2. Keep current written records of all changes to the constitution of the Kipoo Expedition.
  3. Publish the monthly “Pathfinder” newsletter, event flyers, and associated mailings.
  4. Keep attendance records of all base camp meeting as needed for the “Moon Award”.

F)     The Treasure Keeper shall:

  1. Handle the Base Camp money and present financial reports as necessary.
  2. Act as chairman of the Finance Committee whose purpose will be to establish an annual operating budget. He will be responsible for preparation and presentation of financial reports to be presented monthly at the Base Camp meeting.
  3. Serve on the Corporate Sponsor Committee.

G)    The Scout shall:

  1. Follow up with the new members of the Kipoo Expedition.
  2. Be responsible for recruitment activities.
  3. Make sure each member meets all associate annual fee requirements.
  4. Produce and publish the Expedition roster by the November Base Camp meeting.
  5. Compile a tentative roster of returning members for the following year by the spring campout.
  6. Be responsible for assignment of new members to Circles.
  7. Be responsible for the plaques, which are given to the graduating Explorers at the spring campout.
  8. Work with the Assistant Navigator on the school open house program.

H)    The Pathfinder Shall:

  1. Be responsible for all fundraising programs.

I)       The Elder(s) shall:

  1. Be a past Expedition Chief Navigator who is an active member of the Kipoo Expedition.
  2. Hold an Honor place at meetings and Expedition ceremonies.
  3. Provide guidance and wisdom so that the purpose and aims of the Kettering Adventure Princesses Program will be maintained.
  4. Advise the Expedition on appropriate matters such as traditions and ceremonies In this capacity he is encouraged to maintain a historical record of the Kipoo Expedition and pass these records along to his successor and assist the Chief as required.
  5. Serve as Circle advisor to any Circle needing organizational assistance.
  6. More than one person may hold the title of Elder at the same time.

J)       The Base Camp Representative shall:

  1. Represent their respective Circles at the Base Camp meetings and carry back information and guidance from the Base Camp.
  2. Vote on an equal basis with all Expedition officers on Base Camp business.
  3. If unable to attend a Base Camp meeting, be responsible for insuring representation by another member of his Circle.

K)  Legend Keeper shall:

  1. Be responsible for overseeing the Adventure Princesses web page.

Article IX – Election of Chief Navigator and Appointment of Officers

A)    Election of Expedition Chief Navigator

  1. No individual shall hold the position of Chief Navigator more than once.
  2. The Expedition Chief Navigator shall be chosen from among the following officers: Compass Bearer, Treasure Keeper, Spiritual Leader, Scribe, Pathfinder, Scout, Legend Keeper or Outfitter.
  3. Election of the Chief Navigator is recommended to take place at the second to last Base Camp meeting prior to the spring campout. (Typically at the April Base Camp.)
  4. A majority of the votes of the Base Camp members present is required for election.

B)     Appointment of Officers.

  1. Appointments for Compass Bearer, Treasure Keeper, Spiritual Leader, Scribe, Pathfinder, Scout, Legend Keeper and Outfitter must be current or past Base Camp members.
  2. The newly elected Chief Navigator is to present his slate of officers at the last Base Camp meeting prior to the spring campout. (Typically at the May Base Camp.)
  3. No more than two members from the same Circle can serve as Expedition officers (excluding Elders) without prior majority approval by the existing Expedition Officers.
  4. No candidate shall be appointed without his expressed consent.

C)    Installation of all Expedition Officers shall take place at the spring campout Saturday campfire, and shall serve for approximately one year.

D)    Base Camp representatives, selection, and term.

  1. Each Circle will select by the spring campout of each year their representative to the Base Camp. It is recommended that no Base Camp representative serve successive terms.
  2. Term of representation will be for approximately one year.


_____________________       ______________________      ______________________

        Chief Navigator                            Compass Bearer                               Treasure Keeper


_____________________       ______________________        _____________________

             Outfitter                                       Spiritual Leader                                  Scribe


_____________________       ______________________      ______________________

                Scout                                             Pathfinder                                             Legend Keeper


_____________________       ______________________      ______________________

                Elder                                              Aviators                                                 Discoverers


_____________________       ______________________      ______________________

                Erie                                                 Miami                                                         Phoenix


_____________________       ______________________      ______________________

            Pioneers                                           Trailblazers                                          Wallabies